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DocThrock's F1 Team Rocket Builder Links  -   Last Modified  Sunday, 02-Dec-2007 08:32:45 EST
Click here to go to the EAA83 chapter website!Below are some useful Team Rocket, Harmon Rocket and aviation links:

Vince Frazier's Hybrid Rocket page: Everything you need to know about F1 and HR's, and then some!

Pflanzer's Pflying Pfactory: the PREMIER and ESSENTIAL F1 builder's site!

Team Rocket's hidden links page - other builder's pages can be found here.  -  Pitts training in a 2001 S2C in Indianapolis at EYE .

Bart LaLonde's Aero Sport Power - excellent experimental IO-540 engines.

TruTrak Autopilots

Grand Rapids Technologies - EFIS and engine monitors.

Blue Mountain EFIS-Lite

GS-Air LED Position Lights and Strobes

Wick's Aircraft Supply

SteinAir- for wire, terminals, electrical and panel supplies

Air Suppliers has Barry engine mounts for the F1

Van's RV Parts and Supplies

Approach Systems - Fast Stack hub and cable avionics connection system

Stark Avionics - discount Garmin and other avionics, custom wiring.

RadioRax - extruded rail avionics tray anchor system

Avery Tools -  quality aircraft tools
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