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Engine Saga  Page                                                                                                               Last Modified: Thursday, 29-Mar-2007 19:56:00 EDT

 Mike Moore Engine Saga -  I wholeheartedly encourage anyone/everyone NOT to do business with AvWorks Corp. or Mike Moore in any way shape or form.

Have you been cheated by Michael H. Moore? Did you give him deposits on aircraft engine work or other aviation components? Did you get what you paid for? Did you get everything that you expected? Did you get your money back? Did he take your parts and put them in someone else's engine?  If you think you have been mistreated by Mike Moore and would like to do something about it, contact me and I'll let you know what's happening behind the scenes.

The latest news is that there was reportedly a partial reimbursement check coming from Mike Moore.  Not surprisingly, the check never came. The agreement that we had, through his lawyer, was that I was to start getting paid back, beginning on February 15th, 2007.  I was told through Mike's attorney that a SECOND check  (this is now the third time I was to get a check) was coming, and of course it never showed. Plain and simple, Mike Moore is a LIAR AND A CHEAT. 

When the check never came and I contacted the attorney, I got an email back from Mike stating that he mailed the check on Feb 14th, 2007. The email showed that he used the wrong address. Yeah, right, like my address wasn't on the original contract and all over the internet. I emailed back to the attorney rather curtly that the address was wrong and that the check would never get to me. It was over two weeks late. I asked that a check be re-issued and FEDEX'd to me (giving them the correct address so there would be NO question). I finally received a reply from the attorney. Some days later, I was told another check was mailed to me. It never came.. This was at least the third time I was told a check was coming and never received it. I have been told more than once that I would be paid back, and still have never received a dime. My last emails to the attorney went unanswered.

I had contacted the Attorney General's office in NC via mail about the situation at the beginning of the year. Surprisingly, I was contacted back in just a matter of days by phone. They needed more evidence. After that, I struck this agreement though Mike's attorney to get paid back in increments, so I didn't forward the requested information to the AG at that time. Since I didn't get a response to my request to have a check re-issued, I finally saw fit to register a complaint. If that isn't successful, next step will be the Iredell County Sheriff, the DA and a law suit. Frankly, I hope Mike Moore ends up in jail.

    After waiting about 10 months for a fictional high performance engine to be completed, I finally requested my money back in November 2005.  I still don't have ANY money back.  My original written agreement with Mike Moore was to get my engine in June, 2005. I paid Mike Moore, now in Mooresville, NC. a 1/3 deposit over a year ago in January, 2005. Then, in March '05 he said he was ahead of schedule, and that I should pay him another 1/3, and the engine would be completed in April '05. I was told time and again after that, that my engine would be completed.
    One day Mike phoned and rather insistently asked me to direct deposit "today" 1/2 of the final 1/3 of the engine cost directly into his bank account, and he told me the engine would be finished in 7 to 10 days after that.
That wasn't part of the original agreement. I took his urgent request to mean he was desperate for cash, not that he actually intended to finish my engine. That's when I stopped talking to him on the phone. You know the old joke "you can tell when he is lying, his lips are moving"?

    I refused to pay him anything else at that point until I saw a completed and running engine. I felt I was throwing money down a black hole. He has broken every commitment he has made to me. I agreed to proceed to buy a completed engine, but I was not paying him anything until I saw the engine run. Finally, his "partner" intervened and they agreed to finish the engine, again in a week to 10 days, but they told me that I had to pay the balance in certified funds (or cash) at the time of delivery (I was to pick the engine up in Madisonville, Kentucky). Of course a week to 10 days came and went (again), and I was told (again) that they could not complete my engine because they were moving the business and it would be another 4 to 6 weeks. I was told on more than one occasion that my engine would be finished before they moved the business from Madisonville, KY (which was just a short drive from my home and hangar) to Mooresville, NC. That was the final straw.  I asked for my money back, and was told that I would get it back. In fact one email said something about the FIRST dollar that came in would come to me. And of course I have NOT seen the FIRST dime let alone a whole dollar.

    After being disappointed on so many (every) occasions, I just couldn't see continuing to do business with someone who never keeps deadlines or commitments. November of 2005 I requested my rather substantial deposit back, and have yet to see a dime. Mike Moore already promised to pay me back, and even once emailed me himself that he was sending me the money. Of course, he lied and the check never came.

    Mike Moore has a reputation as being a very good mechanic, but he is an extremely poor business operator. It's regrettable that a person of this nature is associated with the aviation community. I recommend that anyone considering doing business with Michael Hall Moore or  AvWorks  Inc. go somewhere else for their aviation needs. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY, you will be disappointed, perhaps GREATLY disappointed. He is a bold faced liar and a cheat. That's a very tough thing to say when you consider that he still owes me 2/3 deposit on a custom Lycoming engine, which probably never existed even in part.

    It's a sad commentary that someone came along and just ruined a major part of my kit building experience for me. What will I take from this building experience? That I was cheated by someone with no character,  lousy business practices and no ethics. This entire engine debacle has overshadowed my kit plane experience and all but ruined it.

    I've met people who take the easy way out, tell you what you want to hear, exaggerate, if not out and out lie to your face. I don't need people like that in my life, and certainly choose not to have them as friends, let alone do business with them. And certainly not when were talking about something that's supposed to be recreational, for fun and enjoyment.

    Well, a substantial amount of fun has been sucked out of this endeavor, and completion of my project was delayed about a year. I tried to make the engine deal with Mike work time and time again, and I think I went WAY beyond what most people would have tolerated. I wanted to get my project finished eventually, and the engine is sort of an important part to completing the airplane. Not getting that engine as promised (time and time again) set me way back. And I still haven't gotten my money back.

Things I've learned about buying an aircraft engine:
    Don't expect to get anything when promised. If you are in no hurry or don't care when, if ever, you get an engine this may not matter to you. But when someone gives you a deadline, even in writing, don't expect them to stick to it. It's very disheartening and frustrating when people don't keep their commitments, but it happens.
    You can't always believe everything you hear. Some people are at the best overly enthusiastic about their products and services, as well as their ability to deliver them in a timely fashion and as agreed. At the worst some vendors are out and out liars and cheats, even in the aviation industry.
    If you strike an agreement with someone and they miss the deadline, get your money back and go somewhere else. Do not accept an extension, certainly without written and immediate compensation. If you request a refund, law suggests that you are entitled to get your money back within 30 days or it is FRAUD. According to the FTC, if you decline an extension, the vendor is required to refund your money. If you do nothing, the vendor is STILL required to refund your money, in lieu of any agreed extension, or it is fraud.
    You should get a written agreement with a completion date specified. In addition, the agreement should specify substantial monetary penalties if the obligation isn't met.  If vendor won't agree, chances are they can't meet the obligation. Walk away.
    In the aviation industry the vast majority of people you deal with are top quality, reliable, truthful people. But some are liars, cheats or just downright incompetent business operators.  Builders and buyers beware.

And tell everyone you know who is thinking about getting engine or other avaition work done to stay away from Mike Moore in Mooresville, North Carolina.